Trail Specialists: eager to get their hands dirty and build.

Trail Specialists
Trail Crew has a long list of trail specialists. These individuals have worked with us over the years and are on their road to Mason-hood. These are trail builders who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of mountain biking either on or off the job. Our trail specialists have learned from the best and are eager to get their hands dirty. Our specialists bring experience from various parts of western Canada and are skilled at spicing up every trail they touch.

Simon Kessler
Simon is a born and raised Albertan. He’s as hardy as they get in the Wild West. Simon is a work horse. He is skilled in rock armouring and wheeling around the saw. Simon has been a member of the trail crew at Panorama Mountain Village for the past two seasons and has had the opportunity to work on the trails on Moose Mountain in Bragg Creek in the fall of 2009.

Lachlan Bosworth
Lachey is our international representation. He hails from Australia. Lachey’s ability to find flow is uncanny. He has been a part of the Panorama Mountain Village trail crew for the past 3 seasons. In the off season he has one of the hardest jobs on a mountain as a lead snowmaker. He works hard, he plays even harder.

Cory McCammon
Cory is a new addition to our team of trail builders. As a professional carpenter for the past decade Cory brings a wealth of experience to the trails. Cory is a perfectionist with woodwork and loves ripping big trees down the middle. Cory’s work can be found in the woods around Calgary if you’re lucky to know where he’s working then you’ll be treated to something special.