TCD hosts Ride Guide at Nite Hawk Gravity Park

by Aaron

An opportunity to travel to Grande Prairie, Alberta’s Nitehawk Bike Park and ride bikes doesn’t happen very often with our schedule. One afternoon we received a call from Kevin over at Ride Guide. Kevin offered a trip we could not refuse; a chance to go back and ride some of their own trails.  TCD has history in the Peace Region already, spending three months living at the peak of Alberta’s third lift accessed gravity Bike Park, constructing the original trails and introducing the flow in the summer of 2007.

After arriving at the park, consuming a couple hydration capsules, it was time to ride!  The trails were in great late season condition, buff, flowy and fast, or as one might call it…”tacky as shit!”  The Wapiti river valley is full of great natural terrain and surfacing material, and the local trail crew knows how to pace out and put the finish on a trail.

Aaron tee'in up a rock drop

It was unreal to go back 3 seasons after finishing our contract in GP and see how the trails evolved. We couldn’t have been more impressed. The trails broke in just how we had designed them. The trail we were unable to complete was complete and rode exactly how we intended it too. The current crew had added more trails that enhanced the trail system even further. The weather was hot as hell, really things don’t get much better when it comes to road trips and bike trails anywhere you go.

Emerson 360 to face

Now I have never been to a tropical jungle before, but for some reason hanging out in the dense forest of northern Alberta sure made me feel like I was deep in a Brazilian bush.  Luckily Nitehawk has a large ski aerial training center to cool off at. The area includes a deep, aerated pool, four story run in ramp and two different lips to send it off.  All it takes is to install a run in ramp of plywood over the plastic, ski friendly surface, and it was ready for bikes.  This turned into a super fun session with everyone trying tricks way out of their comfort zones, all thanks to landing in the carbonated river water.

Aaron hittin the eject button

It was a whirlwind of a weekend with the eight hour drive each way. We came shredded, slept shredded once more and then left. It was a true renegade run. On the drive back to Calgary, staring down the barrel of an eight hour drive back to reality on Sunday night, all Aaron and I could chirp about was ripping fast trails, three second airs into the safest transition ever and the trip back in to the Peace Region next summer.  And the next time, there are going to be more of us!

Check out the episode and see why Grande Prairie has the best bike park in the province…

TCD hosts Ride GuideRide Guide Grande Prairie segment featuring Nitehawk