Panorama Rockstar Dream It, Drop It 2012

by Aaron

The Build
In July 2012 Trail Crew Design once again returned to Panorama Mountain Village to assist in the 2nd annual Rockstar Energy Dream It, Drop It contest. Once again the public was asked to provide drawings, models, ideas for a feature that would be placed in the park. This year’s feature is placed directly below last year’s” Mouse Trap”. There were a few entries in the running for top spot but it came down to Pat Podolski design titled “Many Option”. The feature was more of a line then a feature, consisting of a step down canon log, leading into a step up whale tale into a table top with a wall-ride option on the side. The build was quite technical and a lot to get lowing in just one weeks’ time. Once again the skill and experience of the trail crew out at Panorama was crucial in making this drawing a reality. Once the build began, the features went together like lego. Here are some videos of the builds. Thank Dylan Siggers for putting the edits together!

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The Main Event
July 20, 2012 Pat came from Vancouver. He is the head mechanic for North Shore Bike Shop in Vancouver. So naturally we figured he’d be a shredder. He didn’t disappoint. We toured Pat and his friend Andrew (another ripper from the Shore) around the park and they were loving it. At the end of the day we sessioned the line and made a few adjustments the next morning. In the afternoon we had sunny skies and tacky dirt. The Rockstar crew made their way up with tents, piles of icy cold Rockstar drinks and a ton of prizes and swag to giveaway. The afternoon featured a handful of riders tearing up the new line and enjoying a variety of tunes. The event went off without a hitch and the feature was then opened to the public. Enjoy!