Panorama Rockstar Dream It, Drop It 2011

by Aaron

Over the past eight summers we’ve been working with Panorama
Mountain Village on and off for a variety of projects. The past two summers
have been infused with some energy from Rockstar Energy with a contest called
Dream it, Drop it. This contest allows the public to imagine a feature they
would like to see built in the park. Features are voted on and a winner
announced and Trail Crew Design is called in to work with the bike park’s trail
crew to help make the design a reality.

Rockstar Bike Rodeo Launch Session on Pinkbike

In 2011 Kyle Wynia’s design had what it takes to win. His
design featured a step up to elevated wood landing that led into a kicker which
gap’s onto a wall-ride. He called in “The Mouse Trap”. The build was under a
tight timeline as we only had 4 and a half days from when all the materials showed
up until the day of the event. Luckily, Panorama has a very skilled trail crew
that was able to pull some long days and stay focused in order to complete the
build. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend to the event due to previous
engagements. The turnout was great and the feature was well received. It flows
from the bottom of Crazy Train (Panorama’s signature stunt trail) and is now
the beginnings of a new slopestyle course that will lead directly into the
village. Here are some pictures of what went down.