Operation Moose Mountain 2009

by Emerson

Over the past 12(+) years Moose Mountain has been the best and largest downhill riding trail system in Alberta.  With a surprising 10 trails catering to all types of downhill riders from beginner to expert, riders are drawn from all over the entire province and farther east.  This wide usage prompted a group of hearty individuals to take up pens and computers and create a trail stewardship committee under the name Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society.  After the ink was dry and MMBTS was an incorporated non-profit organization the executive began applying for Grants. In the fall the National Trail Commission awarded MMBTS a grant to the tune of $70,000.

With 10 trails for MMBTS to bring up to an insurable standard, a large crew needed to be hired to put the money into the mountain.  TCD was brought on board and along with MMBTS put together a burly team of Albertans, British Columbians, and Newfies to spruce and spice up the existing trails that has made Moose Mountain great for so many years.

The game was now on, Moose Mountain was finally getting experienced trail builders hacking and slashing their way to better trails!  Each trail had its own program, but essentially the plan was to make the trails safer, more environmentally friendly and all around flowier trails.  These plans included bridging over runoff areas, creating berms where they didn’t grow themselves, re-routing unsustainable sections, decommissioning of problematic existing lines, creating alternates and re-building older weaker features who’s time had come and gone.  And over the span of 3 months, and through wind, snow, heat and rain, a crew of between 3 and 8 filthy animals got the job done!

If you have never had the chance to experience the Moose Mountain vibrations, there is no better time than 2010.  The trails were put away fresh and this spring the riding will be some of the best around.  Hopefully we will see you out there on the crisp trails!