City of Lethrbridge Bike Park
Lethbridge, Alberta, 2009-2010

Task: TCD was contacted by the Lethbridge Area Cycling Association in order to draft a design for a city run bike park. TCD met with the local shop owners, cycling enthusiasts and City of Lethbridge managers in order to assess what they wanted to see in the park. Over recent years we have come to know many of the group’s members from various events, bike parks and trails we’ve created in Alberta and British Columbia. The group relied heavily on our expertise and gave quite a bit of room for us to use our knowledge and creativity in order to bring them the best possible product. As most of our work has been for private land owners and resort management we had a lot of learning to do on this project. We teamed up with Stantec, a local landscape architectual firm to help with the design package. This was a great partnership, as they know the ins and the outs of taking our concepts and designs to the next level. Our process included GPS locating of each track and feature in the park, 3D modeling of all features and providing Stantec with the raw data, allowing production of a final document delivered to the City of Lethbridge.


Result: TCD along with Stantec was able to produce a top notch design package to provide the City of Lethbridge. The package includes feature specifications, cut and fill requirements, proposed grading and drainage and a detailed layout of the tracks and features. The park will consist of 37 features, 2 pump tracks and 2 skills tracks. The park will rival anything in Western Canada once it is constructed. We will keep everyone updated as the park progresses through the next phases. If you have any questions regarding the park please feel free to contact us.